things to start doing:

  1. drink more water
  2. carry a camera everywhere i go
  3. read more books than i already do
  4. go for walks
  5. do yoga more often
  6. go to bed earlier
  7. enjoy the little things
  8. go outside more
  9. stop comparing myself to others
  10. stick to my goals n stop putting things off
  11. write down my feelings
  12. smile more, especially at random people

tao requested by amazitao & “anon”


Wendy "Shine On Me" Cut
artist: Red Velvet

Wendy’s “Shine On Me” Cut

"He’s always smiling, but he says what needs to be said. He’s very reliable. However, he has a stubborn side because his opinions are always clear so he doesn’t let pass whatever he thinks isn’t right." - Sunggyu

(╯°□°)╯︵ ᴉƃuooʎ uᴉɯ


Because who doesn’t love pissed off Tao faces


let it shine on me


tao in mvs // for susan